Woke up grand.
Had the breakkie and relaxed for a couple of hours. Then headed up to Edmonds to meet Julie. We had tea and Harvest bread at the Walnut Café.

Then we went out for our 8.5 mile run.

We went and had tea ant The Walnut Café again after we were done. Then we went to Costco for some items. Had a bit of fun there shopping of all things.

Home to my baby. We headed on out to the Sundance to see  “While We’re Young”


I wasn’t into it at all really.

Back home we had dessert ala Natasha and watched some more of The Walking Dead Season 5.
Philippa showed up for the visit and tea. We made plans for New York, Africa , Leavenworth, Eugene and a run this weekend.

Now a nap after the short slept weekend.