Woke up early and passed away the morning fecking around on the internet.
Natasha made a great breakfast for us.

We then headed over to Home Depot and bought drywall, mud and outside window trim for the bedrooms. Came back home and went to work on the room while Natasha headed over to the gym.

I removed all the drywall on the west wall of our room. Then I started installing and completing  the insulation on both the West and South wall. I then started hanging rock.

Natasha made us a nice lunch that we ate while having a great old chat.  I continued hanging the drywall until time to go and see a movie came.

We headed over to Oak Tree and saw “Ex Machina”

I didn’t like it at first but it was actually okay overall.

Home and went to work  on the room again. Ate the dinner ala Natasha. Tidies up the job site and then had a cup of tea. Julie arrived and we headed out for a run. Decided to run the neighborhood and ran 3.8 miles. We had a great old chat as usual along the way.

Back home and had the dessert.  Watched Pride and Prejudice a wee bit on the telly.  

Some photos and the like from this week.,




i love youx

Green Card

Now I am listening to The Gloaming and will have a wee nap for me run tomorrow morning.