Woke up in the wee hours. Passed away all the day.
Had me breakkie and headed out to the Redmond Watershed to do a run. Philippa showed up a while later and we got ready for the run.

We took off on the “Mud & Chocolate” Half Marathon Trail Run. We chatted and encouraged people along the way. It was a grand half marathon run.

This was a well run event and the amount of chocolate we got to eat was great.

Headed home.

I met Chris from across the street as I was pulling in she was leaving. I told her about the half and she was very happy. I then gave her my chocolate medal I got for finishing the race. She was even happier now.

Natasha came home from the gym soon after. She made and we and ate lunch.

We headed on down to go to a Sounders game. We parked and walked up to The Pyramid Brewery for dinner. Matt and Philippa showed up soon after. Had a grand snack.

Headed on over then to see the game. Tonight we take on the Portland Timbers.


We won the game 1-0 which made it better.

Headed on home after and now I will sleep for the long day tomorrow.