May 2015

Woke up after a wee sleep. Passed away the morning doing odds and ends.
Headed over to Julie’s for the visit. We drove on over to Edmonds for a run. Parked and headed out. We did a real short run this day.
We stopped into the Walnut Street Café for drinks, snacks and more chats. The sat outside for more chatting after. We said our good byes and off we go. Then Julie pulled around the corner honking. We stopped and chatted some more.

I head for home. Made a sandwich and watched the end of the movie.
It was an okay enough one still.

Talked to Eamon back home for a while. Then I went to work on the room taking up where I left off yesterday. Got all the plywood on the walls. Then trimmed out one of the windows outside.

Natasha made the dinner and we ate that while chatting up a storm. I then tidied up and finished out me day of labor. We watched some of “The Office” while we ate dessert.

Now the night will end.


Woke up after very little sleep.

Passed away the morning for many hours. Started into a movie called “Big Driver”

Will finish it at a later time. But so far so good.

Got the breakkie into me belly and headed off to Tacoma to run the Dawg Dash with my pal Jenny. I stopped off in Federal Way for a cup of tea and a wee pee. When Jenny showed up we carpooled to Tacoma.

Parked and walked down too the starting area. I registered for the run and then we got our swag bags. Had our photo taken at the Pemco stand

We then went to the starting line and off we go. We ran along at a grand clip for the event. Crossed the finishing line in under a 10 minute mile. The Dawg Dash 2015 Tacoma was a grand event.

We had some snacks and drinks. Talked with 2 Jordanian girls who are all excited about running. I remember those days myself.

We hopped into the car and headed for Federal Way. Parked and chatted for while in the car. Then we were on our way.

Back home I had me lunch with Natasha. Then we went to Fred Meyers and bought a blender for Tessie.
Had a call from Sue at Park Ridge telling me Tessie wasn’t doing so good and needed to go to the ER at the hospital. After a bit of calling and getting back to Tessie she was already heading out.

We went down to Katie and Chris’s home for the get together. Paul was there as well. His good wife was off in California. We chatted and laughed for many hours here until late into the night. A great couple indeed. Chris cooked a great veggie meal.

We did stop off at Taco Bell on the way home and had a drink with a snack.

Woke up grand

Headed on over to work on the Bainbridge Island. Worked on the last of the WRB on the metal on wall west. Then second coated and touched up the north wall. Loaded up all our stuff into me  car and put more in the storage container.

Got on the earlier ferry.


Did get one piece of plywood installed in the bedroom. Had dinner once Natasha came home.

Then watched 2 movies. First “The San Andreas Quake”
Was okay for what it was. Don’t rush out to see it ever though.

Next an old one from 2003 called “The Rundown”
This was better.

Went to bed and passed away some time before sleep took over.

After going to the sleep after the midnight. I woke early. Passed away the morning as best as I could.

Headed on back to Bainbridge for the days labor. Worked on wall repair for an hour and WRB for the rest of the day.


Put on the dinner for me wifey.

After dinner Julie came by. On goes the tea and out come the Pepperidge Farm Cookies. She does a poetry recital for us and we talk about that. Then time for the run.
Off we go and get a great chat in and five miles to boot.

Back home and I watch a movie with Natasha as we eat the dessert. “The ReWrite”
It was not too shabby.


Woke up tired.

Passed away the morning for a few hours as I usually do of late. Then headed off for the ferry. Arrived on the island of Bainbridge. Unloaded the materials from me car. Then parked in our lot.

Worked on waterproofing all day.

Headed for home.

We went to ENAT for dinner. Home for dessert. Philippa stopped by for the tea and dessert as well while we watched the Rod Stewart documentary “Can’t Stop Me Now”

We then headed on down to The Neptune to see “AWOLNATION” in concert.

One of the opening bands were not so bad also.


Woke up early and lazed.

Headed back to Bainbridge Island for the day of labor. I worked the morning on waterproofing the head flashings and Perma Barrier onto the building.

Met Chuck for lunch at “That’sa Some Pizza”.

Installed window pans for the rest of the day. Took the early ferry back to Seattle and went to Atlas for more Enershield and TF tape.

Went to Home Depot at Interlake for some wood. They didn’t have what I needed so I went to the other HD up on 205th. Bought 6 sheets of half inch birch plywood.

Came home and ate dinner. Then I went out and cut some of the plywood into the size I needed for one wall in the bedroom.

Ate a gwall of dessert while we watched a movie called “Out Of The Dark”


It was just okay.

Now a nap may be in my future.

Woke up fecked.

Headed over to QFC to get provisions. Natasha made a grand breakkie of pancakes American style.

I headed on down to the lake and met up with Julie. We did an 8 mile run around the zoo and lake again. Had a great chat as usual. My opinion was asked and I gave it.

Headed home and ate a snack of lunch. Then we headed up to the Law Office. I assembled a desk for Robert. Hung a few pictures as well. Chatted for a while and then we headed out. I stopped into see Tessie and gave her $200 to spend on odds and ends at the care center. Natasha went to the QFC and picked me up when she was done.

At home we ate dinner. Then watched “Cobain-Montage Of Heck”

It was a well made movie about his life. Well worth a watch. Had desserts while we watched to boot.

Passed away the last of the day and now what the heck?

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