Woke up early and fecked.

M plans as of today is

Finish out hanging the drywall in the bedrooms.
Go for a run.
Trim out the outside of the windows.
Go to Matt’s barbecue.

I hung the last of the drywall up but didn’t finish screwing it off so not officially done yet. I never went for me run. I cut one piece of trim to put up outside but that was a s far as I got there. I did get a call from a girl named Theresa at Highline letting me know there were papers there for me to sign giving me the power of Attorney over Tessie.

We ate lunch and headed off to the barbecue. We did stop off and saw Tessie. It was the first time Natasha and she met. We talked for a wee while and off we went. We did stop off at her house to make sure the oven was off and it was. I put the computer she wanted me to pick up into the car. Then off we went. Met Laura from next door coming up from the lake and we had a quick chat with her.

Off we go to the barbecue at Matt’s. Philippa  was there along with Sean and his good wife and kids, his mother in visiting from West Valley too. Mike I and Sara also. We ate chatted, lit the fire and the like for a few hours.

Time for home came and off we went after having the trifle dessert.

Watched The Blacklist on the Netflix for a while. We had drinks and Hobnobs as well.

Now the leaba.