Woke up early.
Packed up the room into the car. Went and had breakfast in the lobby. Talked to a few people there about the run this day while we ate.

Back to the room and we got into our running gear. Then met up with Scott and Kristine and headed off on the walk down to the starting line. I had forgotten my running belt so I headed on back to the room to retrieve it. Then ran on back to the start. Used the potty. Came out and walked up to my corral and off we go.

I ran at a good clip along the way. As I was crossing the half marathon mark my left calf bit it. Maybe I was overcompensating for the right one or something. I had to take 2 Advil for pain. This is one of the very few times I have done this in my adult life.

I continued running along at a slower pace from here. I felt someone grabbing my arse and it was Phil who now had caught up to me. We chatted for a while and then parted our ways. I stopped and stretched out the muscle cramps along the way up to the last .2 mile.

I entered the legendary Hayward Field in grand form. I ram along slapping hands with my supporters before crossing the finishing line.

Crossed over and I got my chocolate milk and pancakes. I met Kelly inside and we chatted for a wee bit. Then headed on out to welcome the others over the line. Grace, Phil, Kristine and my Natasha were all there. Julie crossed over without us seeing her. We waited for Scott who came in looking good and doing great for his first ever event run.

We all said pour goodbyes and went our separate ways.

Scott, Kristine, Phil, Natasha and I headed on back toward our hotels and took the final 4 photo.

Here is the map of the marathon and rough time.

Got into the car and headed back for Washington. We dropped Phil off at her folks. Then we headed on back to Seattle. The traffic was terrible. We got home late. I put on the dinner and we ate it like 2 hungry rats. Speaking about which, the trap was still outside and not tripped.

Ate dessert and started in on watching a movie. “The Homesman”


Turned it off and hit the bed.