Woke up early. Got meself ready for the day of labor.

Headed on down to the office. Chuck took Jeff and I took Roger over to the Bainbridge Island.

We had our safety meeting and then went to work. Worked on installing some metal window pans and then I went to work on detailing the seams on the building with Enershield.

Got the ferry back home in time. Dropped the lads off and headed for home.

Natasha arrived soon after. We had the dinner. Then we headed up to Park Ridge to visit Tessie. We talked with her for a long time. She was in better form.

Back home and took to watching more of the film we started last evening. The Horseman. Got over half way into it and time to hit the hay came.

Here are some photos from the marathon yesterday I snipped off the web page.

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And the final results.


Not bad for a lame old goat.