Woke up tired enough. Passed away the morning. Then headed on over to meet with Chuck at The Northwest Hospital. We worked on the entry kiosks and got them dried in with bond breaking tape, sealant and sand.

I stopped over to 145th St to see Tessie for a while. I talked with Sue while Tessie was having stuff done to her by the nurses. Sue is still sick and I hope she is recovering. A nice room mate she is. Talked and joked with Tessie for a while.

Headed home and worked on screwing in the drywall some more in the rooms. Then I headed on down town and parked.

Went over to “The Ninety” to celebrate Kelly becoming an old goat.


Ate a fine feast and watched The Sounders take on and beat Vancouver Whitecaps at BC Place on the big screen. Socialized as best as I could. Had a grand dessert and finished out the day well. A nice party for an old goat.

Headed home

Had dessert with the Natasha while we watched more Blacklist Season 2.

Fell asleep on the couch. ZZZZZZZZZZ