Woke up fucked.

Headed to the shop and picked up more membrane. Then went to Atlas and picked up another bucket of Enershield. Took the next ferry over to Bainbridge.

Today worked on more waterproofing. Got everything finished. The company put on a barbecue for us this day as a reward of the great work being done. I ate like a king.

At the end of the day I got the word that I will have to keep ahead of the window and metal guys so I will be back here again for god knows how many more days. Took the ferry home. Stopped off at Greenlake and went on a 5 mile run. At the end of my run I met with Sandy again and we walked the lake. Another fine chat followed.


Natasha had cooked a great eggplant parmesan for dinner. We had the dessert as we continued watching Blacklist 2

I nodded off on the couch again.