June 2015

Woke up early and passed away the morning chatting on the Facebook.

Got up and had the breakkie. Headed off down and caught the 6:10 Ferry to Bainbridge Island. I got set up with our material and then parked me car.

Got a man lift we could use. Then Ken and I went to work on the new tower. We taped and coated the South and West side all day long. Got more than I thought done and I was happy with that. Did take a couple of breaks and drank plenty of water throughout the day. Overall it was a great day out there.

Took the ferry home again. Drove the I-5 and got to the castle in a quick time this day. Natasha arrived home soon after. We ate our dinner and had a grand chat as usual. We had some dessert while we finished our movie we started last night. “The Filth And The Fury”


It was very good of course.

Now I will try and find a place to sleep to pass the night.


Woke up so so.

Headed on down to the office for 6. Chuck and I worked on getting stuff ready for our investigation. Then headed up to the QFC on Richmond Beach Road. We had to investigate the roof for the new Swedish Clinic going in there.

We climbed up and did our work. Took photos and wrote about the faults we saw. After a few hours we were done. Started wrapping up and taking stuff down. Got home a wee earlier than planned.

I moved stuff downstairs to store. Then I hung up all the pictures we had laying around in the TV room and downstairs kitchen. Then time to go and see me good doctor.

Popped over to the UW Clinic at Northgate. The good doctor was nearly on time this day. She gave me my results and everything looks above great. We had a good old chat about other items and then I was on me way. I have to schedule a colonoscopy and come back for a visit in 3 weeks.

I headed up to the bank and took out cash. Then I headed up to Park Ridge to see Tessie. She was not there as she was off getting news about her cancer and operation. I dropped her items from QVC off and left.

I called Erin after that so I could pay her for her gardening work at our castle. She was not home but her son was so I dropped by and gave it to him. Next I headed on over to Home Depot and bought a gwall more MDF to put up at home.

Back home and worked on the company stuff for a while. Then my day was done. I set up my chop and table saws and went to work installing more trim in the master bedroom.

Bridget P’s Brian called me asking for her hand in marriage. I gave him my blessing of course. We talked for quite a while. He truly is a lovely fellow and I am so glad for Bridget.

Natasha arrived home and I finished up the trim. I am now about 85%  finished with the trim in the room. Did sand off some of the drywall patches as well. I was happy with what was done.

We ate a great dinner ala Natasha. We ate dessert and started watching “The Filth And The Fury”
This is always a good movie to watch.

Went to bed.

Woke up after a wee sleep.

Our friend Bel was looking for help but we are unable really. He was upset when I told him know. This is the last of the interchange.

Ate me breakkie and passed away the morning. The house came alive as the hours moved along.
We packed up. Marci headed off to her class. Talked with Cara until we left.

Stopped off at the Starbucks before we left town.

Headed off down the road and across the border. It was a wee slower this day even with the Nexis card.

Natasha dropped me off at Julie’s. I fed, watered and played with Simon. Cleaned the litter box and watered the plants.

Then I took off for a run over to Natasha’s office. I didn’t have the Garmin with me but here is the 4 mile route.
Julie to Natasha

Went into the Law Office and passed away a bit of time there. We headed out after I chatted to Rachel on vacation in California before her arrival here in the coming weeks. Changed into a dry shirt and headed for home.

Shower and snacks.

We went down to The Crocodile to see the Hedwig And The Angry Inch show there.

The good thing about seeing the show here is that when you go to a bigger theater production it will blow your mind away. However this show was great and a lot of fun with a couple of extra songs thrown in.


Woke up after a few hours.

Had tae and a bagel. Natasha got up followed by Marci and then  Cara. We chatted the morning away. Marci took off for her class. Natasha took off for her walk. I sat and chatted with Cara for a while longer. Then she I took off on my first run in many weeks.

I ran down through the Upper Village and down the trails to the main village. Here I headed in the direction of the golf course like I usually do when I am here. Low and behold I met the Natasha on her walk. I was happy to see me love.

We chatted for a wee bit and then off on our ways we went. I ran the loop around the golf course. Here are a few shots I took along the way.

Came back out and ran back down Northlands Blvd.

Then up Lorimer Road

and back to Wildwood. This was a nice 5.5 MILE RUN

Ate at the house. Cara took off for the mountain. Then Natasha and I walked over to the Lost Lake.  We lay there relaxing in the sun for a few hours.  Snacked on trail mix and watched people going about their day.

We headed on back towards home.

Cara arrived home a while later and we chatted some more. Marci arrive home a couple of hours later and the gang were back together again. We ordered dinner from “Avalanche Pizza” It arrive a wee bit later and it was an okay dinner indeed.

After watching the US beat China in the women’s world cup soccer yesterday, we watched England beat Canada today. Later on we watched a few movies.

Went to bed late.

Woke up after a 4 hour nap.

Played on the Nintendo until Natasha got up. We then had the breakkie. Packed up the bags and headed on out later on.

Natasha went to work and I went to Julie’s to feed the Simon. He was in way better form. I watered the plants, swept the floor, cleaned out the litter box, put food and water in Simon’s bowls and brought in the mail.

Picked Natasha up after she was done with the work and we headed for Whistler.

Stopped off in Bellingham for gas and Starbucks.

Back on the freeway and through the border crossing in seconds. Then continued on to Whistler. We parked in the public lot and went uptown. Went into “The Brewhouse” for lunch. I had a great wood fired mushroom pizza and Natasha had a great vegetarian chopped cobb salad.

Walked around for a wee bit. Headed back to the Subaru later on and drove over to the grocery store. Bought a pile of provisions and headed on over to “The Wildwood Lodge” on Blackcomb. Unit 310 will be our home here for the time we will stay.

We unpack and relax for a while.

We eat dinner later on. It was a grand one to boot. After eating we walked down through the trail to the village.

We went into Dairy Queen for dessert. Sat at the Olympic Plaza while we dined.


Walked back the other way to our home. Cut through the Fairmont lobby and out the back door as a short cut.

Passed away the rest of the evening until the bed where I now lay waiting for the sleep to take over.

Woke up tired. 

Headed off to the job on Bainbridge after a couple of hours doing odds and ends.

Chuck came over to assist me this day. We worked in the heat until lunch. Had the lunch from the store. Then I finished out me day good enough until 3:30. I got a call from me good Doctor Alyce and she left a message saying all my results came back and I am as healthy as a mule really. She still wants to see me which is nice of course.

Took the ferry back across to Seattle. Then I headed on up 1st ave and then up along towards Ballard. Headed west into Magnolia and over to me pal Erika’s castle. Erika’s friend and now my friend Aga was there for the visit as well. We joked and talked there for a long time. 

I was about to leave and Aga decided to leave at the same time as well. I did however continue talking with Erika for a few more hours like the Irish do. Well the Romanians also it seems. A great chat and then I headed out.

Drove over to Ballard where I grabbed a wee dinner at Taco Bell. Then over to Safeway to get Vicks Vapor Rub for Tessie and a bar of chocolate for me. Also took out 200 bucks for Tessie.

I headed on over to see Tessie at Park Ridge then. She was delighted to see me. I was getting tired of her negative life stories but I gave her what I think she needed this evening. Headed home and in the door before midnight so I may not be a pumpkin after all.

Woke up good.
Headed on over to Bear Creek. Worked on the punch list items all day. It was lovely and hot. Got done and headed off over to Julie’s.

Fed the Simon, cleaned the litter box, watered the plants, played with Simon for a while and then headed for home.

Had a quick snack and a quick play on the Nintendo. Then the good Natasha came home and we headed on over to ENAT for dinner. Chatted away there as we do. Then off to Safeway.

Bought some provisions and the like for our castle and our trip to Whistler. Then home again.

Watched more House Of Cards as we ate dessert a plenty.

Now a wee nap.

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