Woke up early.
Let Natasha sleep in until 6. Ate the breakkie and headed on out on the road. Stopped off at Starbucks for another tea.
Got over the border in a few seconds.

Arrived at Valhalla a while later. Put away our stuff and then headed on out. We went to “Dups” for burritos. We took them over to Olympic Plaza and ate there sitting in the sun chatting away.


Then headed up the village



We met Cara, Marci and Megan at the bottom of the hill at the bike park. Talked to them for a while.

then stopped into the Crystal Gallery to pick up my half marathon swag bag.

Then stopped into the Market Place for provisions.

Home and ate ice cream. Then tea and chocolate.

The girls arrived back and then Phil arrived soon after.  Tea goes on and the chat follows. After a while we head up town so Phil can get her number and gear. Stopped off at the market for a few more provisions.

Than back home where we ate dinner and dessert. Finished out the day well until now.