Woke up tired.

Passed away the morning as I do.
Headed to the office and got started in on the FieldLens until the time came for Chuck and I to install the roof ladder at Gray Bar.

After we were done I took me items down to Riverview Landing and worked on my report there with a great help from Chad in how to use the program. Once I was caught up to start loading new photos I headed back to the office. Stopped off at Atlas for supplies for the morning.

Worked well into overtime on the report. Got out of there near 5pm. Stopped off and bought some crown molding on the way home at Pacific Iron. I needed 3 glass panel doors but they didn’t have any. Maybe at another time.

Arrive home and went to work straight away on the report. My great friend Bridget O showed up and we had the tea, cookies and a great chat for many hours like we would do in the old days. As soon as Bridget had to go I headed on over to the hospital to see how Tessie was doing after her surgery.

I turned on De Dannon’s lively part of Hey Jude as I danced into her room. It cheered her up at least. She told me about the surgery and the results of her biopsy. She has cancer in her uterus. They will know more in about 4 weeks on that. We laughed and chatted our way through the evening. I danced my way back out the door as I had entered.

Home and transferred the materials from my truck to my car for the morning. A quick chat with Natasha and here I am laying in the bed hoping for sleep to take over.