Here is a timeline of my day on my birth day.

Midnight to 4 fell asleep and woke up.

4 to 5 Answered some of my Facebook birthday wishes. 

5 to 6 Had my first food of the day which was tea and taffy cookies. Tillamook medium white cheddar cheese and some peanut butter M&M’s
Got my first kiss from me Natasha. Packed up the bags and headed out.

6 to 7
Arrived at Matt’s home. Philippa was there. We talked for a while while they packed up their bags.

7 to 8
We headed out on the road for the day’s adventure. Ate a Tillamook Oregon Marion berry yogurt. Chatted to Bridget P and Jenn 4 Jenny on the texting. Had my free birthday cup of tea from Starbucks.

8 to 9
Phil stopped off to let me use the bathroom on the side of I-90 at Keechelus Lake. Arrived at The Rachel Lake trailhead.

9am to 4 pm we hiked up to Rachel Lake and continued up to the Rampart Lakes area. Had lunch up there and hiked back down again. Here are the photos of the hike this day.

And here is the last time we did this hike in “HERE”

4 to 5
Drove back for Matt’s place. I called Paul F on the way to wish him a happy birthday.

5 to 6
Stopped off at Fred Meyer’s in Covington to buy some provisions.
Talked to Bridget P on the way back in the car then.

6 to 7
Prepped the dinner.
Had a great chat with the gang. Also made plans to revamp a part of Matt’s house.
7 to 8
Chatted away while the food was a cooking. Answered some texts with brother Eamon and niece Catherine back in Ireland. Sent a thank you text back to Scott S and Dave H.

8 to 9
My birthday dinner was laid out. We had veggie burgers, veggie kebabs, potato salad and all that kind of barbecue items.
After dinner my great chocolate berry birthday cake ala Philippa came out to a singing. IMG_5076

9 to 10.
Plowed our way through half the cake and ice cream. Oh and Cool Whip.

10 to 11
Chatted to Julie in Berlin. Answered a pile more birthday wishes on the Facebook.

11 to midnight
Chatted away the last hour of the day and made it into bed.

What a great birthday spent with the people who I wanted to spend it with.