Woke up and thought about going on a run. That ended up being only a thought. I ate a breakkie ala Natasha.

Then I headed on over to Fred Meyers to do a bit of shopping. After that I went on over and picked up the Realta. She came by the house and worked on our hair for many hours. Had the lunch there somewhere as well. Natasha made a great cake for my Fathers Day. I have never celebrated it but we cut into the cake to get the day of tomorrow started early.

When we were done we headed on over to Mitch and Brenda’s for Natalie’s Graduation Party.  Talked with Natalie and her fellow Wyatt, Phil and Matt, Carrie and Patricia, Nolan and Zoe, Mitch and Brenda, Wendy and her husband along with people who I hadn’t met before.

Natasha and I headed out earlier to go and see “The Seattle Men’s Chorus” do their “Queen” show.

Fucking Brilliant. Even though Freddie’s voice couldn’t be matched they did great versions of all the Queen songs they could fit into the show. Great voices, dancing and acting. Glad we saw it.