Woke up feeling not too shabby.

Headed on down to the shop and got some items for the job. Then headed over to Atlas to get supplies. After that Home Depot. Then made my way over to Bear Creek. Finished out the caulking. Then started installing the flashings on the skylights.
At the end of the day I drilled out the stairs to receive the treads tomorrow or so.

Stopped into Julie’s to feed the Simon. He seemed hungry.  Played with him for a wee bit. Then headed on over to Franks Lumber The Door Store. Bought 3 doors for the bedrooms. Natasha met me there also.

Took the doors home and put them in the garage. We had a grand dinner made by me wifey. We ate the dessert while we watched more “House Of Cards” It is getting better now even.

Now I look at shite on the computer.