Woke up tired. 

Headed off to the job on Bainbridge after a couple of hours doing odds and ends.

Chuck came over to assist me this day. We worked in the heat until lunch. Had the lunch from the store. Then I finished out me day good enough until 3:30. I got a call from me good Doctor Alyce and she left a message saying all my results came back and I am as healthy as a mule really. She still wants to see me which is nice of course.

Took the ferry back across to Seattle. Then I headed on up 1st ave and then up along towards Ballard. Headed west into Magnolia and over to me pal Erika’s castle. Erika’s friend and now my friend Aga was there for the visit as well. We joked and talked there for a long time. 

I was about to leave and Aga decided to leave at the same time as well. I did however continue talking with Erika for a few more hours like the Irish do. Well the Romanians also it seems. A great chat and then I headed out.

Drove over to Ballard where I grabbed a wee dinner at Taco Bell. Then over to Safeway to get Vicks Vapor Rub for Tessie and a bar of chocolate for me. Also took out 200 bucks for Tessie.

I headed on over to see Tessie at Park Ridge then. She was delighted to see me. I was getting tired of her negative life stories but I gave her what I think she needed this evening. Headed home and in the door before midnight so I may not be a pumpkin after all.