Woke up after a 4 hour nap.

Played on the Nintendo until Natasha got up. We then had the breakkie. Packed up the bags and headed on out later on.

Natasha went to work and I went to Julie’s to feed the Simon. He was in way better form. I watered the plants, swept the floor, cleaned out the litter box, put food and water in Simon’s bowls and brought in the mail.

Picked Natasha up after she was done with the work and we headed for Whistler.

Stopped off in Bellingham for gas and Starbucks.

Back on the freeway and through the border crossing in seconds. Then continued on to Whistler. We parked in the public lot and went uptown. Went into “The Brewhouse” for lunch. I had a great wood fired mushroom pizza and Natasha had a great vegetarian chopped cobb salad.

Walked around for a wee bit. Headed back to the Subaru later on and drove over to the grocery store. Bought a pile of provisions and headed on over to “The Wildwood Lodge” on Blackcomb. Unit 310 will be our home here for the time we will stay.

We unpack and relax for a while.

We eat dinner later on. It was a grand one to boot. After eating we walked down through the trail to the village.

We went into Dairy Queen for dessert. Sat at the Olympic Plaza while we dined.


Walked back the other way to our home. Cut through the Fairmont lobby and out the back door as a short cut.

Passed away the rest of the evening until the bed where I now lay waiting for the sleep to take over.