Woke up so so.

Headed on down to the office for 6. Chuck and I worked on getting stuff ready for our investigation. Then headed up to the QFC on Richmond Beach Road. We had to investigate the roof for the new Swedish Clinic going in there.

We climbed up and did our work. Took photos and wrote about the faults we saw. After a few hours we were done. Started wrapping up and taking stuff down. Got home a wee earlier than planned.

I moved stuff downstairs to store. Then I hung up all the pictures we had laying around in the TV room and downstairs kitchen. Then time to go and see me good doctor.

Popped over to the UW Clinic at Northgate. The good doctor was nearly on time this day. She gave me my results and everything looks above great. We had a good old chat about other items and then I was on me way. I have to schedule a colonoscopy and come back for a visit in 3 weeks.

I headed up to the bank and took out cash. Then I headed up to Park Ridge to see Tessie. She was not there as she was off getting news about her cancer and operation. I dropped her items from QVC off and left.

I called Erin after that so I could pay her for her gardening work at our castle. She was not home but her son was so I dropped by and gave it to him. Next I headed on over to Home Depot and bought a gwall more MDF to put up at home.

Back home and worked on the company stuff for a while. Then my day was done. I set up my chop and table saws and went to work installing more trim in the master bedroom.

Bridget P’s Brian called me asking for her hand in marriage. I gave him my blessing of course. We talked for quite a while. He truly is a lovely fellow and I am so glad for Bridget.

Natasha arrived home and I finished up the trim. I am now about 85%  finished with the trim in the room. Did sand off some of the drywall patches as well. I was happy with what was done.

We ate a great dinner ala Natasha. We ate dessert and started watching “The Filth And The Fury”
This is always a good movie to watch.

Went to bed.