July 2015

Woke up grand enough,

Headed to the shop after me breakfast. Picked up some caulk. Then headed off over to Bartell’s Bellevue. Met Frank there. Also a new fellow by the name of Darrin.

I caulked the wall to the slab. Then hung plastic from the roof to the slab. This will protect the building against rain. Once done I got to head home.

At home relaxed a wee bit. Then headed on over to see Tessie. She was in a foul mood of course. However she did warm up and I spent over 2 hours there with her.

I stopped off at the Northgate Mall to meet Donegal Mary. I hadn’t seen her since 2006. Roisin and Cathal were with her. They have grown up into beautiful teenagers. Well Cathal may not have hit the teenage mark yet, We chatted there for a while and I knowing how busy she is here visiting her friends and family I told her we will meet again, Hug hug photo photo and off we went.

At home I waited for me bride to arrive. Once she did we ate our dinner. Then the desserts followed while we watched some more of House OF Cards season3.


Finished my work from yesterday and got home after 2:30 am. Slept for a wee moment. Woke up and headed down to the shop and got more supplies for the day. Headed back to Hitachi and hung some plastic with Marvin for a while. He headed off and I finished out the job.
Stopped down to the “Teapot Vegetarian House” for my lunch. Finished off hanging the plastic. Cleaned up and the time for me to go home arrived.



Dinner and desserts with my Natasha.
We started in on watching Season 3 of “House Of Cards”

Starting off slow.

Now I rest up for a early start tomorrow.

Woke up early.
Headed to the Hitachi job for a 4am start. Worked all the day long doing odds and ends. Had a good chat with Marvin as we worked.

Time to go home arrived and I headed off.

Ate like a bastard and watched the last episode of “House Of Cards” season 2.
Then headed on back to Hitachi. Monitored the demolition crew working all night. 

Woke up grand enough.

Headed on over to the Hitachi job. Met with Bill again. Marvin was there. Today Marvin and I worked on marking out the walls that we wanted saved, worked on putting in filters in the air flow system and removing the dark blinds from the windows.
Marvin took off after his half day and I continued to mask off the windows until I ran out of tape. Then I headed to the shop to pick up the plastic drain pipe. We will use this as a temp protection in case someone breaks a sprinkler head.


Went to see Tessie at the North West hospital. She was in her usual awful mood. I gave her the keys to her place so she can give them to her friend David. I met one of her nurses from the Philippines and she was nice. I also met the IV nurse Joanne who was very nice also. Her husband was from Irish/Scotland descent. Her ethnic background was Spanish from Spain. I called John at the park to let him know Tessie wanted her payment to be taken out of her account. I said me goodbye and she let me know it might be the last time I see her since she is having surgery tomorrow.


Natasha arrived soon after. We went up to Enat for dinner. Back home again and we watched some more House OF Cards. It is now getting exciting as it is the second to last episode of season 2.

I headed on down to Lake Forest Park to meet with the good Bridget P. She got me a ticket and book to meet and get a signature from our 39th president Jimmy Carter. I met her at the Lake Forest Bar And Grill. She was there with her cousin PJ, friend Curtis, and John along with Cheryl. I think I got most of their names correct.


We lined up outside Third Place Books. Then it came our turn to go inside. We were checked out along the way. Went through the metal detector. Then got scanned again by some lovely Secret Service Agents. Finally we got to go up to Jimmy and get the books signed. I was asked to remove my hand from my pocket. Then he signed the books, I thanked him, he thanked me and we were done.

I showed Bridget the memorial for the September 11th at the Lake Forest Park.

Then I drove her back home. We had a grand chat along the way. Hug hug bye bye. and whoosh I am off.

Now I will try and nap so I can get up early tomorrow morning.

Woke up early and passed away a couple of hours before I left for the job in Bellevue.

Arrived at the Hitachi before 7am. Met with Bill and we went through the job. Marvin was there as well.

We worked on removing the 2 big slider doors. Then it was break time. Marvin headed home soon after that. I continued working on removing 2 more doors. 2 fire extinguisher boxes. I wrapped up all the items. Then I started in on installing the plastic on the windows to finish out the day.

Went home through Redmond and onto Woodinville. Got home in good time. My pal Bridget P came over for a visit. On went the tea. She brought us some nice gifts from Atlanta.  She got us wheat cookies and hot sauce that were imported from the Philippines. This is to get us ready for our trip over there next year.

Natasha arrived home and I put on the dinner for us. We watched the House Of Cards some more while we ate the dessert.

Woke up bollixed.

Passed away the morning lazing it away.

We headed on over to the Law Office to get a few items and then across to a movie at Cinebarre. We went in to see “Trainwreck”

It wasn’t so bad at all. We had lunch there as well.


I went up to see Tessie at the Park Ridge. Her bed was empty. I fearing the worst asked around until I found out she was shipped back to Northwest Hospital in a lot of pain and being sick.

I stopped into Safeway for a few provisions and then home to me Natasha. We had the dinner while we watched House Of Cards.

Bed late


Woke up after a few hours nap.
Passed away the morning doing what I do. Natasha and I had a fine pancake breakfast ala Natasha. Julie and I sent a few texts and then we headed off over to Edmonds to meet up for a run.

Met at The Walnut Street Café. Had a drink and headed out on our run. Julie filled me in about some of her trip to Europe and Japan this summer. She had a great time and I will have to run with her some more to get the rest of the stories. Many many she has to tell she said. It was a grand 4 plus mile run.

Back home and Natasha arrived back from her office soon after. We ate lunch and then watched a couple of movies down stairs. Dessert happened during the movies as well.

First up was “Slow West”

This one ended up being good.

Next up was “Get Hard”

This one was mostly shite really.

I lit a candle to bring good wishes to my friend Grace who was auditioning for “The Voice” today in LA.

Natasha and I got ready and headed on down town. We went into Paddy Coyne’s for dinner. Soon after Scott and Kristine showed up and we had the dinner along with the dessert. After a couple of hours we headed on over to “El Corazon” to see Stiff Little Fingers in concert.

They came on and played the night away. They were better than I expected but not as good as I had hoped. Time and hard living takes it’s toll maybe after all.


The concert ended and we left the building. Said our goodbyes outside and off home we go. Natasha makes a cheese Quesada for the midnight snack. Off to bed we go.

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