Woke up fucked.
Continued to sleep for a wee bit more. Woke up again still fucked.

Had the breakkie. Went to work on installing the crown molding in the bedroom. Went to Home Depot and bought some primer and caulking. Came home and started in on caulking the room.

Natasha arrived home and started into spackling after she ate a lunch. At the end of the day I sanded some of the wood and then primed all the plywood and raw wood overall. Then did the new drywall and any areas that were mudded.

We ate the dinner. Then the desserts while we watched some more of Season 2 of the “House Of Cards”

We headed over to Home Depot and bought 5 different gallons of paint for the room. Bought a light fixture as well.

Then we stopped into Bed Bath and Beyond to buy a curtain rod, new curtains, shower liners and a duvet cover.

Got back home after a $500 plus spending trip out.

Now I lay and wait for me run tomorrow morning with me pal Shannon Kay.