Woke up early and relaxed for a few hours. I then headed to the lake.

Met up with my friend and new running mate Shannon K P. We ran the lake and the zoo for the 5 mile run. We had a grand chat as we ran along. She is a grand girl with a great sense of humor that I haven’t dug into yet. We stopped into the Urban Bakery after for tea, muffin and a chat.

Went home to work in the room.  I started in on the painting of the batten board trim. Got a couple of coats on there. Finished at noon.

Packed up the Subaru and headed out. We stopped into Taco Time for a lunch on the way.   

Arrived at the Foss River camp area a while later. Robert was there with his son who we had not met yet. Nathan and his girlfriend Jenny. Dan was there with his daughter who I forgot her name the last time. Josslyn. Also Roberts daughter Christie. We sat and talked for a good while.

Then Natasha Josslyn and I went for a wee walk up the road.

Came back and relaxed with the gang for a while until we cooked dinner. Then the time for the fireworks display was upon us. Our Subaru had a flat tire and we had to put on the donut wheel to take us down to Skykomish. We decided at this point it would be better to go home tonight since we would have to make the trip up and down the bad road 3 times with the donut instead of 1 tonight.

We parked and then walked down a long dark tree covered road that opened up into baseball fields. The fire department were there and they set off the fireworks.

It was really cool sitting right on the field under them. They were loud and clear. Like we were in a war zone really. A great show. Well done Skykomish.

We said our goodbyes and headed for the castle after the show was over.