Woke up tired.

Headed on down to the shop and waited for the Chuck to show up. We loaded up the van and headed to Home Depot for supplies and then we headed off to Auburn General to install a window.

Met with Rory and saw Ryan there. Billy was appointed to badge us in and around the place. Got the Prosoco on the opening once we grinded off the loose parts of the building.

Popped down to the cafeteria for tea and a cracker. Went inside and once the Prosoco had tacked up we started to install the window.  Then the time for the Lunch arrived. We went over to a Teriyaki place. I had veggies and tofu stir fry.

Back to the hospital and finished the install. Then backer rod and caulked the opening. Once done we headed back to the shop. Worked on transferring files from the laptop to the J Drive for a while.

Headed out later than planned. Went over to see Tessie at the Park Ridge. She was in better form but still had the cold and was complaining about stuff. She want;s her ashes scattered off the cliffs of Moher now.

I went home. Tonight’s work was scrubbing the back deck clean. Cleaning all the appliances out there as well. Then tidied up the spare room a wee better. We had dinner and dessert of course.