Woke up early. Passed away the morning doing odds and ends.

Headed down to the shop and got me billing sent in for last week. Then went on over to Bear Creek. Worked on getting the Bondo in some of the areas that needed it.  Cleaned off and water tested the north and south canopy roofs. Caulked and sanded the areas above the canopies where needed.

Picked Rachel up right away. Then we headed on out for a wee run around. I took her down to Kerry Park for a look around there.

From here we went up to see The Troll in Fremont.

Then popped on down to Gasworks Park on the way home.

Went over to the bank in Northgate and took out money for Tessie. Then Rachel and I popped up to Park Ridge to give it to her. She was in a good mood.

Backed home and Natasha had prepared Rachel’s 21st birthday dinner. Then after we got some cherry pie, ice cream and whipped cream to make up a 21st birthday cake since she is not into cake too much. She happily blew out the candles.


Cameron the sheep got to take part in it as well.

Finished out the evening with cups of tea.