Woke up just after 3am.
Passed away the morning doing odds and ends.

Headed on over to the Bear Creek once the time came. Today I worked on more Bondo. Worked also on caulking the brick, pockets, roof and vent areas. Send off an email to get the metal ends ordered up for the skylights.

Home later than planned due to the staying later at work. Natasha took Rachel down town today to the Market, the gum wall and the Space Needle. They arrived home soon after me.

We had tea and cookies on the deck before we headed out to the Pub Quiz.
Stopped into Sean O’Donnell’s for the quiz. Us 3 along with Rick, Steph, Phil and Brenda. We finished number 9 out of 10. Not too bad for a bunch of stupes. We ate our dinner there as well.


Dessert and tea before the bed.

Now maybe a sleep.