Woke up fecked of course.

Headed off to the shop. Met Chuck there and we loaded up the van. Headed back to Bainbridge Island for the day of labor.

Worked on putting Enershield on the last wall. Got it finished in a good time. Loaded up the van and headed off the island. That was the last of the coating done on the building. Now if I come back it will be just for monitoring and aiding the progress.

Back at the shop and unloaded the van into our room. Packed up and headed for home. Realta and Rachel arrived back from their day out. We chatted until Natasha came home.

Then we got ready and headed down town. The traffic was frigging terrible. We finally made it and went into The Rock Bottom for dinner with Matt and Philippa. We only had 40 minutes before we were meant to be across the street at a show.

The waitress came and got our food to us very quick, Ate quick and paid quick. We crossed the road with minutes to spare. Tonight we are taking Rachel on a surprise visit to her first ever musical “Grease” We went into the 5th Avenue Theatre and sat down. Rachel was so excited.


The preshow show was Rock and Roll music from the Dusty 45s. Then the show started. This version of Grease was really good with some new songs added in. Kept my attention all the way to the end.

Headed for home. Lay on the bed for a few minutes and passed out.