August 2015

Woke up tired.
The usual morning duties followed.

Headed off and over to Bellevue today. We are doing the Enershield work on the Bartell’s. Ken showed up at the same time. Met Chuck there and Bill showed up soon after. We started in on the West side of the building. The rain screwed with us the whole day long. Had lunch at the QFC. Finished out the day alright.


Hit the Nintendo for an hour. Natasha came home and we ate the dinner. Had the old desserts while we finished the movie from last night.

Talked to Tessie at the care center about her time at the old care center.

Now I will try and sleep.


Woke up on and off during the night to the sound of pelting rain and wind. It was great. Finally woke up and put on the kettle. We had our tea and a chat until the other gang woke up.

Once up we chatted with Scott and Kristine for a while and drank more tea. After some time we took down the camp and headed out. This weekend away was so good and I was in a real happy mood.

We rode the ferry across to Edmonds and then home. Unpacked and I did three loads of laundry. Ate the lunch and passed away the rest of the day.

We had the dinner and then watched Charley Boorman’s Extreme Frontiers CANADA while we had the dessert.

It is an okay one so far.


Woke up after a good sleep. It was pouring down rain all night long.
We went over and had a great breakfast of pancakes and eggs ala Scott.
Then the tide was low at 10 am so the gang decided to go clamming. I decided to go for a wee run since I haven’t done a long run in months and a half looming next weekend. I took off. I ran down to the beach and the tide was way out alright. I met my family coming in as I was going out. The rain was sideways up to this point and the wind a blowing.

I continued on up the road. Passing a couple of idle vehicles along the way.

It rained, was sunny and a high wind along the way. I turned back when I came upon 3 dogs on the road.

I ran up another road and branches were a falling down in front of me.

Went up along a forest service road and a tree had fallen as I was coming back down.

I continued along in the pouring rain for some more, then I waited for the free alcohol, tobacco, drugs and weapons but none came my way.

Made my way back down along now familiar territory.

I went by the clamming site but the family’s car was gone so I continued my run back to the camp. I got back after a great 10 mile run.

The gang were all at the campsite. Rob and Charlene and all their gang decided to head out because of the bad weather. Rain and a storm watch in effect. We took a vote. Scott and Natasha voted to leave. Kristine and I voted to stay. Scott and Natasha were leaning more on the staying side anyway so we decided to stay.

Natasha and I went to the bathroom dried off and changed into dry clothes. We heard a loud crack like a branch breaking, then a loud thud. We were hoping our car wasn’t hit. We eventually got our wet clothes off and dry ones on.

Went back out and the car was okay. But there were branches falling down all around. We got word that Scott was over assisting a woman who was hit by a branch and her car completely bashed to pieces. We heard later that is was Candice’s cousin who was injured. Both her legs were broken. The fire truck and ambulance made their way into the park eventually after making their way through fallen trees. The took her off to the hospital.

We decided to stay but asked if we could move out to an area that had less trees around us. We moved camp after camp and set up. Our dry clothes were now wet again. We had a great time setting up the new camp really. The dinner went on and a great feast happened. I was very happy this day. A nice time with me family but sadly it had to end as the sleep was going to take over. The rain was a pelting down on and off all evening.
Pill in and Lights out ZZZZZ

Woke up fecked

Packed up all the stuff for the weekend in the car. Then Natasha took me down at 4:35 to get the ferry. I walked on.

Met with Kent when I was on. We sat and chatted in the van the whole way across. Then Ken came down when it was time for us to drive off. We got to the job and I got Ken started on on the painting once the rain blew over.

We worked all day long and got the building finished with the white fascia board and gray walls. Natasha arrived right after 2 and had her lunch while she waited for me to finish. Then off we went for the weekend of fun.

We drove up and across the Hood Canal bridge and eventually ended up at our destination. Dosewallips State Park. We got our camping spot at 128. After a while a fellow came around, His name was Rob. He works with Scott. We talked for a good while and then went on over to meet his gang. Met his son Robbie and his girlfriend. Met His sister Loretta and her son Michael along with his wife Candice. Met a few other people as well I am without names now.

We went back and set up our home for the weekend. Natasha and I then walked up to the beach about 1,5 miles away. This is the area where they will go clamming tomorrow. Walked back home. Scott and Kristine showed up soon after and set up their great camp site. We chatted away and Rob came over and introduced us to his wife Charlene. She was ice. We chatted away for a while.

Then time for the dinner arrived. We made up and ate a fine feast. Rob and Charlene came back and we talked the night away. Finally Natasha and I headed off to our Subaru camp for the night,


Tried a new sleeping pill this night. Lights out zzzzzzzzzz

Woke up fucked.

Went on down to the shop and got our stuff ready. Loaded it up into the van when Chuck arrived.
Back to Bainbridge and started painting the Green. Finished it out and rode back to this side with Kent.


Dinner and desert.
I then headed down to Freddy’s and bought another air mattress for the car. Well other items of fancy as well.

Back home and packed up the stuff for tomorrows camping trip.

Pill inside me and now hopefully a sleep.

Woke up fucked.

Headed on down to the office. Got the scanner and headed back up to Wells F P 41st floor. Scanned the last location and headed back to the shop.

Next up I went over to Bartell’s Bellevue and did a walkthrough to get an idea for the time and pricing to coat it in Enershield. Chatted to Lenny for a wee while.

Headed over to Swedish in Richmond beach after that. Did the punch list items that was on the roof from the earlier remodel. Talked with Chico while I was there.

I went over to see Tessie after this. We talked and laughed. She was in a good mood  this evening.

Had the snacka dinner.
Finished the Boondock Saints 2 while we ate the dessert.

Another pill and lights out.

Woke up still a wee fecked.
Headed on down to the office and got the scanner. Headed back up to Wells Fargo Plaza for the day of labor. Scanned 12 locations in 12 different areas.

Went to the Sisters Café for lunch with Time S. Back to the shop and filled out my report on the scanner and scans. Got more clear spray.

Went to Central Market to but provisions for Tessie. Then took them to her at the care center. We had a quick chat for a minute and whoosh I was gone.

Went down to the Northgate UW Clinic to see my doctor. She was in good form. We had a good chat about health, life and history and further tests I might do. She also gave me a recommendation for a sleeping pill.


Started working on the spare room some more. Natasha came home and we had the dinner. Then finished out “The Boondock Saints ” It is a grand movie.

Took me sleeping pill and now I lay in bed watching stuff and await my sleep.

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