Woke up grand enough.
Headed on down to the office and worked on my odds and ends that I had to do. Then headed for home. But stopped over to see the Tessie in the new place on Greenwood Ave. She was busy so I headed out.

At home I installed the modem and WiFi at the back of the telly in the living room and hooked it straight into the LAN. I put the supports back under our bed in the room. I sanded the drywall in the spare bedroom. I installed the window trim and sill on the window. I mowed the lawn. I put everything away and headed over to Julie.

I waited until she arrived back and then we went out for a run. We had a great chat for most of it until the heat of the day took over. We finished out the 8 mile run okay and then walked the last half mile to her home. Sat on the deck drinking water and chatting for a while and then off I go.

I went back home to me Natasha. I ate me dinner and then we had dessert while we watched the House Of Cards 3. Then the time for sleep arrived.