Woke up after a longer than normal sleep.

Headed on down to the office again for a few hours. I went shopping to Pacific Iron for crown molding and then Home Depot for the trim for the spare bedroom.

At home I removed one foot of carpet away from the walls all the way around. I removed the carpet tack strips all the way around. I removed all the base and door trim. I put another coat of mud on the walls. I also skimmed the lower walls to make them more smooth.

Natasha came back and we ate dinner. Then I ran up to Maple Leaf Park and around it 4 times to make up a 3 mile run. Natasha had gone on her walk and I got to walk home with her from the park.

Back home and ewe watched more House Of Cards 3 while the dessert went in.

Now a leaba for the  early start tomorrow.