Woke up grand.

Headed on over to Hitachi and scanned the floor in one area for the sink drain to go through. Then Marvin and I laid out the grid for elevation on the floor inside the patio entrance. Next I headed to the shop to return the Hilti scanner. At the shop I loaded up tools to bring back to Hitachi. Dropped them off and then I was done for the day right at 8 hours.

Headed for home. Was tired so I lazed around playing the Nintendo until Natasha came home. She picked me up and we went to Enat for dinner. After the dinner I decided to run up around the Jackson Golf Course and home again. I felt tired so I didn’t push it and ended up doing a leisurely 5 mile run.

Showered and ate the dessert. Then we drove up to the Jet in Mill Creek for the trivia night. Brenda and Rick were there when we got there. Art showed up later on so we had a 5 member team. We all answered the questions well and low and behold we WON

We said our goodbyes and headed out.

Now I will try for 4 hours of sleep. Good night.