Woke up early and fecked about on the computer for a while. Then got the day started. After breakfast I headed on over to Wells Fargo Mukilteo for the day of labor.

Worked on drilling out the holes in the slab for the rebar. Graded the area at the side for the bike rack slab. Laid down some vapor barrier on the inside area.

Lunch at Albertson’s. I won a bottle of wine at the company American Heart Association raffle. Finished out the day well and headed out later than planned.

At home I sanded the spare bedroom walls and recoated it. Packed up the supplies for tonight’s picnic. Then headed up to the Law Office to meet me Natashie. We loaded the stuff into her car and headed off for Woodinville. Parked and went in to see “Steve Miller” at the Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery.

We found our spot and sat down. Then proceeded to eat like two champs at an eating contest for an hour. Steve cam on the stage and sang the night away. He did a great job of singing a short version of all his good songs.

We got out of there before the encore and was home in great time.
Watched House Of Cards and lights out. ZZZZZZZZZ