Woke up terrible early fecked.
Talked to Eamon back home for a while.

Passed away the morning doing nothing at all. We did head up to Cinebarre  for lunch and a movie called “The Gift”

Well feck, this was a well made thought provoking movie. Enjoyed the lunch followed by some trail mix.

Back home and I put on a running shirt and took off for a run with French class in my ears. I ran up to the law office to pick up me car from last night. It was a nice slow just over 5 mile run.

I stopped over to see Tessie. She was being changed when I got there so I couldn’t go in. The nurse told me she wasn’t feeling so good and was not up to seeing people today so I took this as a chance to rush back to me Natasha.

We had our dinner and then a great blueberry peach pie that Natasha made with Tillamook ice cream. Finished season 3 of “House Of Cards” while eating the dinner. Talked to Angela and Mary back in Tulla in between courses. They were in good form and just back from the Feakle festival.

Went to the bed and lights out ZZZZZZZZ