Woke up fecked enough.
Passed away hours and hours listening to and looking up Michael Franti to prep for tonights concert. Headed up to see Jenny, Mads and Dave at his old house. They were cleaning it out today. Met Dave’s sister Pam for the first time. She seemed nice.

We talked for a while and then I took the Mads over to the park. Played on the slides and the like for a while. Back to the house and finished out the eyeball inspection and all looked well. Loaded a few items into the Sprinter and then I took off.

Went by Julie’s again and we went for a short run. Sat on the deck and chatted for a while after. Then back home to me wifey. Ate a snacka and I did a bit of gardening for a while. Then after the shower we packed up and headed on over to see Michael Franti in concert.

Arrived at the Chateau Ste Michelle right after Phil and Matt. We got in line and waited. Mike and Sara Ives showed up soon after. The gates were open and in we went like a herd of cattle. Got a great spot on the lawn and got set up. We plowed through a pile of food here and listened to the opening band. Marci showed up a wee later.


The Michael Franti came on the stage. He was frigging brilliant. He had the crowd going all night long. We all danced the night away hugging, kissing and arse grabbing.


Oh boy what a performance. I left the field very happy. We talked out in the parking lot to Phil and Matt until we were the last people to leave the concert.

Natasha and I stopped into Taco Bell for a wee snack on the way home.