Woke up after a good sleep.

Headed on down to the 41st floor of the Wells Fargo Plaza and met with Tim S. I went through the job and findings with him. Then headed on over to Bainbridge Island. Caulked another control joint as a sample. Then started patching and putting Enershield on under the siding. in the lower covered area. Left after a fine few hours and headed back to the office. Picked up the scanner and headed back to the Wells Fargo Plaza. Scanned four more locations in two areas. Then wrapped up and went back to the office. Got out of there after a 10 hour day.

At home I started in on installing more trim in the spare bedroom. Met Tony outside and we talked for a long time about many different items of interest to us both. Back at the trim. Natasha came home and put on a great dinner. I got some more trim on in the room and then ate.

Had dessert as we watched “The Boondock Saints 2”
It is very good and we will finish it tomorrow.