Woke up still a wee fecked.
Headed on down to the office and got the scanner. Headed back up to Wells Fargo Plaza for the day of labor. Scanned 12 locations in 12 different areas.

Went to the Sisters Café for lunch with Time S. Back to the shop and filled out my report on the scanner and scans. Got more clear spray.

Went to Central Market to but provisions for Tessie. Then took them to her at the care center. We had a quick chat for a minute and whoosh I was gone.

Went down to the Northgate UW Clinic to see my doctor. She was in good form. We had a good chat about health, life and history and further tests I might do. She also gave me a recommendation for a sleeping pill.


Started working on the spare room some more. Natasha came home and we had the dinner. Then finished out “The Boondock Saints ” It is a grand movie.

Took me sleeping pill and now I lay in bed watching stuff and await my sleep.