September 2015

Up and off to the Bartell’s Bellevue.
More product on the building with the Bobby.
We got the building up to about 95% complete. Bobby will now be off to another project tomorrow.

Stopped in to see Tessie on the way home. She was in a baddish mood so all must be well.

Shopped at the Safeway on the way home from her.

Dinner ala Natasha.

Had the desserts while watching Race To Dakar.

This was a photo I created for the Facebook this day as 36 years ago I went to see Pope John Paul II in Galway.

POPE 1979



Woke up grand enough shur.

Back to Bellevue for the day of labor. Bobby and I again. We got the roof cleaned off a little, installed flashing on the east side wall. Then taped the east side wall to end the day.


Natasha arrived later on and we went down town. Parked on the hill and went to “The Six Arms” for dinner. Phil was there already. Matt showed up after a while and we dined.

After dinner we went down to The Paramount to see “The Tragically Hip” in concert. I saw this band first with Bruce back in 1991 and have seen them a few more times since. They put on an okay show but it just didn’t flow this night.



Woke up fecked.

Went to work in Bellevue again. Bobby and I doing more odds and ends for the day.


Dinner of mushroom wild soup ala Natasha.

Watched more of “Race To Dakar” while dessert went in.


Woke up after a good sleep. Watched Ray Darcy’s new show on the RTE Player.

Had the breakkie. Then Bridget O came over and we headed on down to the Burke Gilman for a run.

We ran down and back for a total of eight miles. Had a good old chat of course along the way.

Bach home and showered. Then we headed on down to Matt and Phil’s. Headed off over to Green Water a while later.

We went mushroom hunting for a few hours. We got pounds and pounds of chanterelles. When we were done Natasha and I went up and started brushing off the dirt of ours and getting them all cleaned. Half way through the cleaning we headed off in another direction from Matt and Phil. There was a tree trunk covered in moss along the way. It looked like an natural altar so we shagged here to pass the time.

Back and finishing the cleaning of the chanterelles when the grand arrived back. Loaded into the car and headed back towards home. Stopped off at Wapiti Woolies for their Huckleberry milk shakes.

Then Safeway for a few provisions. Back to Matt’s where the girlies worked on making dinner. I went to work fixing the laptop for Phil and installing their WiFi in the house. Dinner was a tossed mushroom (of course) with broccoli on pasta with a great sauce. The dessert was so good as well. Bread pudding with a whiskey caramel sauce.


Woke up with pain in me gob.
Passed away the morning.
found a dentist up the road that was open on Saturdays. I called and got an appointment at noon. I went out and started cutting the molding for the bedroom. Once it was all cut I headed on over to meet the dentist.

Met Shana at the reception and she was lovely. Got seated, photos taken and then the good Dr Ilona came in to see me. A fine girl from Moldova originally. I had a wee infection and she will prescribe antibiotics and Vicodin. While I was there I had a non functioning tooth removed. Had a filling in another. Went through additional work that I could have done in the future.

I headed off over to QFC to drop off me prescription. Then home. Let Natasha know the news and then I went to work installing the crown molding in the bedroom. All trim is now complete. Next spackling and caulking.


Natasha made a great Mac and Cheese for dinner. We had a great dessert after that then.
Watched a movie. “Man UP”

It was okay actually.

Now I lay in bed and will hopefully nod off soon.

Woke up early with a pain in me tooth,
Went off to the work.

Bobby and I in Bellevue again. More Enershield and I bent metal into shape to put on the building. Bartell’s threw us a party today with a barbecue. Lisa made me a separate veggie burger.

Finished out the day well.


Natasha and I chatted the evening away until Philippa showed up followed by Matt a while later. We went up to Enat for a chat and dinner.

Back home we talked some more about New York and visiting Tanzania next year. We watched the movie “Kilimanjaro-To The Roof Of Africa”
This movie was good. Made it look tougher than we expected I think.

Dessert and tea went in with the movie.


Woke up grand shur.
Back to Bellevue. I was on me own today. I worked on the Jiffy Wrap on the tower and south high wall all day. Secured the building for the coming rain.


Ate the dinner when Natasha got back. Then we headed on downtown. Parked and headed over to Starbucks for drinks and a chat.

Then we went over to the ACT. Tonight we are here to see “Bloomsday”

The play was well written and acted. An Irish story of course so you will leave there thinking about life after it.

Home and leaba.

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