Woke up after a wee rest.

Had the breakkie. Then put on my number, shirt, sorts, socks and shoes. I headed off for Marymoore Park in Redmond for a wee run. Parked and walked into the starting area. Went in to the porta potty and then came out walked up to the start and took off.

Today I run the Labor Day Half Marathon.

I ran on listening to me iTunes along the way. My Garmin lost some reception so I have no idea of how long it took me until I get the official time later.

Crossed the finishing line and dined on bagel, banana and water. Then had chocolate coconut water. A quick look around and I headed back to the car. Drove over to Ballinger and into Thriftway. I got us a drink and a couple of mini blueberry pies.

Went over and met with Natasha at her office. Talked with Robert for a minute while I was there. Then Natasha and I headed over to Cinebarre for lunch and a movie. We are here to watch “Straight Out Of Compton”

Lunch was the usual and the movie was brilliant.

Headed home and relaxed for a while. Then ate dinner ala Natasha. We had desserts while we finished Season 1 of “Narcos”

Very good.

Now what?