Woke up grand shur.

Headed on over to Bellevue early. Talked to Tommy on the way. He did great for about 15 minutes and then he started to fade and wander a bit. I figured it was time to say me goodbye.

Worked on three windows on the east side. Then installed the Jiffy Wrap on the parapet. Cleaned up and headed back to the office. Today we had the safety barbecue.

A great crowd had gathered and we ate a fine lunch. Talks, raffle and the usual stuff took place. Then we headed on out. I stopped in to see Tessie. She was in good form.

Natasha picked me up at home and we headed on over to Subway for a sandwich for dinner. We then went into Thornton Place to see “Black Mass”
It was good.

Home and had dessert while we watched the start of the newly released movie “Keith Richards-Under The Influence” on Netflix.
So far so good.