Woke up after a good sleep. Watched Ray Darcy’s new show on the RTE Player.

Had the breakkie. Then Bridget O came over and we headed on down to the Burke Gilman for a run.

We ran down and back for a total of eight miles. Had a good old chat of course along the way.

Bach home and showered. Then we headed on down to Matt and Phil’s. Headed off over to Green Water a while later.

We went mushroom hunting for a few hours. We got pounds and pounds of chanterelles. When we were done Natasha and I went up and started brushing off the dirt of ours and getting them all cleaned. Half way through the cleaning we headed off in another direction from Matt and Phil. There was a tree trunk covered in moss along the way. It looked like an natural altar so we shagged here to pass the time.

Back and finishing the cleaning of the chanterelles when the grand arrived back. Loaded into the car and headed back towards home. Stopped off at Wapiti Woolies for their Huckleberry milk shakes.

Then Safeway for a few provisions. Back to Matt’s where the girlies worked on making dinner. I went to work fixing the laptop for Phil and installing their WiFi in the house. Dinner was a tossed mushroom (of course) with broccoli on pasta with a great sauce. The dessert was so good as well. Bread pudding with a whiskey caramel sauce.