October 2015

Woke up in the early hours.

Passed away the morning as one does. Went down to LFP and met with Julie at the Starbucks. Chatted there for a while. Then we went for a run.

We ran down the Burke Gilman Trail and back for a 10K run. We went in to Haggen for a few supplies. Then back into Starbucks for more drinks and chatting for a good while longer.

Home and passed away the afternoon with me wifey having the lunch and the like

We headed on down town later on. We met Matt and Phil at the Cheesecake Factory. Ate the dinner there. Followed by cheesecake of course.

Headed over to the ACT later on to see “Mr Burns-A Post Electric Play”


It was a good play but it might have been better if you knew the Simpsons tv show or at least the episode they were going off.

We went into Starbucks after the show for the chat and our very first Christmas drinks of the season.

Now a nap and  to prepare for the time change.


Woke up after a grand sleep.
Headed on down to the Bartells for the day o labor. Worked on through wall flashing wrb and caulking with caulk and sand.

Finished out the day and had a slow trip home. Natasha arrived shortly there after and we went out for the dinner. Tonight we went to “Tengu Sushi” . We had a few plates of food. Then headed into Thornton Place to see “Crimson Peak”


It was good.

Came home and went to bed later on of course.

Woke up after a long sleep.

Lazed the morning away until time for the day of labor. I went over to Home Depot and bought some supplies for me job next Monday. Next up I drove down to the shop and picked up some more materials and tools for the job. Next headed on over to GTS and bought some Dens Glass Gold. Took all that back to the job and unloaded it. Headed back to the shop for more tools. Then my day was over.

I headed on home and started working on the downstairs before Natasha came home. We headed straight out to meet with Realta and her friend Kate. We all met up at the Pyramid on 1st Ave south.

We ate a nice dinner and dessert and chatted here for a good while. Then we headed on over to the “Emerald City Trapeze” to see their Halloween show “Carnevolar VI: The Funeral”


It was a real good show with a lot going on. Kate and Realta enjoyed it as well.

Home and now a nap maybe.

Woke up after less than three hours sleep.
Passed away the morning looking at a movie. “7 Minutes”


I liked this one.

I worked down stairs for a while. Built up some walls and removed bits of an other.

Headed out for a run. I decided I would visit Tessie so I ran over to the Care Center. A quick visit and then ran a longer way home for an eight mile run. I changed my clothes brushed my sweaty wet hair and Natasha was outside to pick me up.

We went up to Enat for dinner. It was good as usual.

Back home we watched “Primal Fear” while we ate the desserts.


It was good the first time and also good this time.


Up and at them.

Passed away me morning. Then headed off to the job for the day. Bartells for caulking,, gutter mending, WRB over flashing and more odds and ends.

Traffic was horrible on the way home but I stopped in for a run at Greenlake. Got a nice enough five mile run in.


Dinner and dessert. Chatted away to Natasha until time to go downtown came.

We drove down and parked. We went to Starbucks to pass away time before the concert. Matt and Phil showed up a wee later.

Then time to go to the show arrived and off we went. Walked up to The Paramount. Tonight we are seeing AWOLNATION in concert.


The band came on and put on a grand show for 80 minutes. The sound was not as good as normal in there this night.


Woke up early and headed off to Bartell’s Bellevue. Got there right after 5 thanks to a crash on the 520.

Worked on caulking the inside of the sprinkler pipes and started on the outside as well. I had to go over to Delphi and met with the people there about getting their job started this week.

Had lunch from the QFC.Finished out the day well.

Headed back to Seattle and stopped off at Greenlake. I ran around the lake and zoo for a five mile run.


Then I went straight to work on putting in a wall between the new storage room and hall where the old shop was.

Natasha came home and made us pho for dinner.
Ate desserts while we watched “We Are Still Here”


It was good. Had a few frights in it.

Now a nap

Woke up early.

Bridget sent me a message on the Facebook wondering if I would run 10 miles with her.


Of course I would.

We met up down at LFP

and off we went heading along the Burke Gilman having a great chat like the old days. Turned around at the 5 mark and back again for a nice relaxing 10 mile run. I was happy.

Home for a little while and then we headed on over to the Cinebarre to see “Jobs” and eat lunch.


The movie was good and lunch was the same.

Headed on home after and relaxed.

In the evening we ate the dinner and then we watched a movie while having the dessert.

Movie was “The Harvest”

8422 - The Harvest (2015)


It wasn’t so shabby at all.


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