Woke up after a little sleep.

Had the breakkie and got ready to meet up with Bridget and Julie for a run. I noticed Bridget had sent a text before I left saying that she couldn’t run this day due to Jack breaking his toe.

I headed down and met with Julie at the LFP. We sat and chatted until it was time for us to decide to go for a run. We ran south along the Burke Gilman for four miles and back again. She then had to go. I continued on down to the Log Boom Park and out to the end of the pier.

Took in the scenery with my arms raised. Then headed back until I got my ten mile run in.

Back home I go. Once I arrive I take out the lawn mower and cut the lawn for what may be the last time this year. Natasha came home from the supermarket and we had a wee snack. 

Later on we headed over to Subway for a snack of lunch. Crossed over and in to Thornton Place to see “The Martian”

The fellow on NPR gave it a baddish review during the week so I had little expectations for it. And sure enough they got it wrong. It was a well made movie. Fecking brit minded people.

I began caulking the crown molding until I ran out of what I had. Then I went on a search for another tube of caulk. I found one and now I can start back into that again tomorrow.

We ate a great Irish stew with porter in it ala Natasha. It was real good. We had the dessert after and I put on some soda bread with the left over stout. We watched the last episode of The Race To Dakar eating the apple crisp.

Next up we watched ‘The Overnight”
This was a surprise and was good. Had some soda bread once it was done and it was grand shur.



Maybe a nap will take over now.