Woke up early.
Had the breakkie and loaded the furniture up into my truck. Took it down to the shop and left it for Dave. Picked up the scanner and headed off to the job on 5th Ave. I scanned a few locations there. Met Jamie and Bobby.

Back to the shop and did what I  had to do there. Next  I headed for Kirkland. Got too the Brezza and waited until time to go inside. Met Tim. We had a chat. He is going through a difficult time in his good life right now and I was sorry to hear that.

I went to work on the 4th floor unit. I built the plastic tent and remover a part of the ceiling to expose the leaky drain above. Then I cleaned up and headed out. Reached my eight hours at 12:30 so I headed for home.

Finished the first coat on the trim. Ate some food as well. Played on the Nintendo for a wee bit also. Had the dinner when Natasha came home. Dessert too.

We headed on down town to the Benaroya Hall. But first we had another dessert at Gelatiamo before going in.

We went in and sat down. Tonight’s show is “The Gloaming”

The band comes on the stage and start their show. It was a nice concert a bit different to what I had expected. Saw Rory and Krista there. Also Anne Marie. When the show ended we went up to say hello to Matt at the sound check. We chatted for a good while. Then headed down to chat with Martin for a while. All is well and no news from back home.

Headed for the castle and now I am in the leaba.