Woke up right before we landed after sleeping most of the way to New York
It was a warm and dry October day when we touched the ground of JFK.

Took the Air Train over to Jamaica Station. Then we hopped on the E train all the way up to W50th. Came above ground and walked the two blocks west to our home for the time here. 534 W50th St. Got the key for 3A and headed inside.

We unpacked and had a wee nap. Woke up a wee bit later and went out for breakfast/lunch. We went to the nearly gone but still here Market Diner.

We had the omelet meal with a cuppa.

After the eating we went for a walk down the W34th street and walked onto the High Line.

We walked down the entire length of it. Mat a family from Seattle walking along here. They recognized my Sounders shirt.

I had to pop into the bathroom and a lovely fellow let me use his even though I was not a customer.

We walked over to the market and had a couple of macrons and continued over on 13th street and headed north on 7th Ave to Times Square.


Stopped into Duane Reade  for a few items to take back to the apartment. Then stopped into the Amish Market for bread. Back home and had tae and bread.

We went on over to “The Jolly Monk” for dinner. After that we went on over to “Junior’s” for dessert. Then walked back up to the Walter Kerr Theatre to see “A Gentleman’s Guide To Love And Murder.

Took our seats up front and the show continued on with a great bit of fun, dance, music and song. It was a good musical and we would highly recommend it.

Home to 3A