Woke up a few hours after going to bed. Lazed around for a while. Then Natasha and I headed on out for a walk around. We walked up to the Central Park. Went in at Strawberry Fields and sat there for a while.

A fellow was there busking. Didn’t sound so great so off we went.

We went by The Bethesda Fountain

We headed across to the Alice In Wonderland statue.

Sat there for a while watching the families enjoy it. Next we mosied up along to Belvedere Castle. Went inside for a while.

Then off over to the Shakespeare Garden. Natasha used the bathroom and I sat listening to three ladies talk about bad relationships. I had planned to tell them “men are pigs” before I left but I got distracted chatting to me wifey.

We headed west next and out at 81st street to get something to eat. We went into “Andy’s Deli” on Columbus and got veggie sandwiches made up, jalapeno chips, colas and a cookie. Took them all back into the park and had a picnic on The Great Lawn. It was nice to sit, relax and lay here in the sun for a while. 

We headed on over to see the Obelisk.

This was good as well. Julie and I have being texting the whole time in the park and planning to meet up. We are getting closer now. Natasha and I head in to the “Metropolitan Museum Of Art”.

Give our donation and head inside. We walk around looking at stuff.

Julie sent a text that she was pretty much near the museum. We went back out into the lobby to meet her. After ten minutes there was no sign of her so we fucked off up to see the Van Gogh’s the Monet’s and the like. We walked around here and loved it. Always have really.

We went in to the more modern area next seeing Pollock’s, Warhol’s and the likes.

Time to go came and off we go.

We cut back across the park west on 79th coming out on 81st.

We walk on down the way we had come earlier and back over to “The Lincoln Center”.

We went to see the Chagall paintings that he had sent over as a gift back in the day. Natasha got a nice purse at the Arts Fair that was going on outside. Saw the paintings and headed on down towards home.

Phil sent a text and they were a bit away from us. We arranged to meet up in between. We met at the corner of 55th and W9th. We headed on over to “Luigi’s Pizza” for dinner. It was good. Busy too. After this we headed on down towards Times Square. Matt and Phil had to head home for something. Natasha and I went in to Starbucks for drinks.

We headed on down to the Booth Theatre to see the play “Hand To God”.

Matt and Phil showed up a wee later on. The play opened and it was fucking brilliant. The first act went by so fast. Went out and chatted in the lobby. Time for act 2 came. I chatted with a girl inside who also ran the half. She was from Montreal and beat her time from the last one to this by 12 minutes. Act 2 was equally as good and flew by as well. It was a longer play but engaged you all the way through it seemed like it was a short one. I will recommend this to everyone I meet in the future.

We went over to Junior’s for dessert. Then back to 3A. Tea and lights out. ZZZZZZ