Woke up early after a little sleep.
Cousin Justin came down to meet us for the breakfast. We went to “El Original” to eat and chat away the morning. Great laughs and memories made the time go by quickly.

After our goodbyes to Justin we headed off on the E train down to the Village. We went to Famous “Joe’s Pizza” for the lunch. Ate it in the little park there.

We popped into “Fay Da Bakery” for dessert.

Back on the subway and over to the World Trade Center.

We walked on down and lined up to buy tickets to go up to the top of “One-World Trade Center” We go over and look at the memorial to pass away the time before we got to go up.

Then time to elevate arrived. We lined up and eventually got on the elevator. It took less then a minute to go up the 102 floors. They played a nice video on the walls showing New York being build from the start to present day. Once we were off the lift we stood in front of a wide large area looking at a video presentation of the city. At the end the screens lifted up and we got a great view of the city. This was impressive. We wandered around looking at all the landmarks of this fine city. We were ready to come back down half an hour later. We lined up and got the elevator back down. Overall this experience was not worth the $32 fee to do it. I prefer the view from The Rockefeller Center way better.

We went to Aroma Espresso Bar for drinks and a cookie.


Hopped on the train back up to W50th.

Walked back to the apartment.

We packed up our bag to get ready for the trip home tomorrow. Phil and Matt came arrived back from their day out. Chatted away for a good while and then headed out for dinner.

We went over to “Bombay Masala” for dinner. It is on 49th St and on the second floor. We continued our chat and plans of the future here for an hour. Then the time to go came. They headed to a play and we headed for the apartment.

Finished packing and ZZZZZZZZZZZ