Woke up early.
Passed the morning away chatting with me Natasha. A text from Julie came in and we met at Starbucks at LFP. A chat followed. Then off for a wee run down and back the Burke Gilman for four miles.

We went to The Honey Bear for tea, snacks and a continued chat. Passed away another hour here. This led to us buying a winning lotto ticket for next Tuesday’s drawing. Then a quick stroll through the mall and back out to the cars.


I had lunch here and Natasha arrive home from her Day O Labor. I went in and finished painting the bedroom walls and ceiling. Then I removed the carpet and pad from the floor. Removed all the tools and materials and scrubbed the floor.

Natasha made a great Thai dinner for us. We enjoyed that and after we ate dessert while watching “Hannibal Rising”

This too was good. That ends the Hannibal movies. What’s next?

I will now go to bed and see how I feel in the AM for a run with Bridget.