Woke up after a long sleep.

Lazed the morning away until time for the day of labor. I went over to Home Depot and bought some supplies for me job next Monday. Next up I drove down to the shop and picked up some more materials and tools for the job. Next headed on over to GTS and bought some Dens Glass Gold. Took all that back to the job and unloaded it. Headed back to the shop for more tools. Then my day was over.

I headed on home and started working on the downstairs before Natasha came home. We headed straight out to meet with Realta and her friend Kate. We all met up at the Pyramid on 1st Ave south.

We ate a nice dinner and dessert and chatted here for a good while. Then we headed on over to the “Emerald City Trapeze” to see their Halloween show “Carnevolar VI: The Funeral”


It was a real good show with a lot going on. Kate and Realta enjoyed it as well.

Home and now a nap maybe.