November 2015

Woke up after a great sleep.

Headed to Tacoma. Worked in the linen room at the hospital for the day. Well did an investigation up at Allenmore on the windows as well.


Went over and met with Julie for a while. Had a grand chat.

Watched Scrooge

So far so good. We will finish it at a later date.



Woke up after a wee sleep

Had a grand breakfast at the condo with my Natasha. We packed up over the morning. Then headed out for Seattle. This was a great trip up to Whistler. Love spending the time with me wifey.

Crossed the border in no time stopped for gas and was home in less than 4 hours total. Natasha went to work. I relaxed for a bit and then went over to meet Julie. We went for an eight mile run along the Burke Gilman.

Stopped at Haggen for the provisions. Then Home for the rest of the evening. Had the dinner and dessert with Natasha.


Woke up after a good sleep.

Tea and toast.

Headed out for a wee run.

Ran up to and around the golf course and back to make it a five mile run.

Back home and had the breakfast. We headed out to the Convention Center to go and see what was on offer at the “Bizarre Bizaar” Had a good look around in there. Some great items on offer.

Next we headed over to Starbucks for drinks and a snack


Then time to hit the movie theatre now operated by Imagine Cinemas.

We went to see “The Night Before”

I had hoped it might be better but it wasn’t.

Headed home and Natasha picked up dinner at Dups.

Had a grand dinner followed by dessert with me wifey.

Bed will follow along somewhere later this night.

Oh but first. I had an image reported to the Facebook Police.



Even though I had nice comments and likes



They had to do the right thing


Woke up after a good sleep.
Tea and toast. Headed out for a wee run then. I went through the village and then on a bumble up hill until I dead ended. Then back down and home after 3.5 miles.

Had beans on toast and tea. Then we headed on over to the “Scandinave Spa” We spent most of the day here. Hot, cold and relax. We did the whole circuit and then had lunch there. After lunch we did the circuit again.

Back home after a stop in Nesters we go. ad chips and cheese for a snack. Then passed away the evening doing the usual odds and ends.

Dinner was a repeat of yesterday.


Woke up at 2am.
Passed away the morning doing odds and ends. Natasha was up at 5 and we started into our day together. Had breakfast packed bags and headed out for Whistler.

We stopped at Haggen and Starbucks in Bellingham for drinks and bagels. The drive up went by very fast and crossing the border was the fastest for us ever. We stopped in Squamish at The White Spot for breakfast.

We made our way into Whistler after that and into our unit 223 at the “Market Place Lodge”  Unpack and head out for a walk.


Back home and we start into the Thanksgiving dinner. Natasha had prepared a lot before we came up and finished it here. It was a fine feast and I over ate of course.

We did go out for another walk after dinner. It was done up like Christmas.

Back home for dessert



Woke up grand

Back to Tacoma. Worked in the Linen room for the most part all day.


Dinner and dessert.

Carmen came by for a visit and chat.

I headed on down to see Julie. We ran along the Burke Gilman for three miles. Had a grand chat about the new lad.



Woke up grand.

Down to Tacoma General. Worked on sealing up walls in the Linen Room.


Dinner and dessert.

Natasha and I headed on downtown to see the musical “The Sound Of Music” at the 5th Ave Theater.

We went into Starbucks first for the Christmas drinks.

Inside the 5th and the show begins. It took a song or two before it picked up and moved along at a great tempo. Definitely one of the better productions of this show I have seen.



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