Woke up earlier.

Changed the clocks back the hour. Passed away the morning until it was time to go up and see Bridget. We ran from her house up around and back home for a six mile run. I didn’t notice the run or the hills since we were talking so much.


Worked on removing and building the last of the walls downstairs. Got it all done. Then we headed on up to Cinebarre to see a movie and have lunch. We watched “Bridge Of Spies”

the movie was actually a good one. History of course.

Home and we passed away a wee bit of the time. Then had a great dinner ala Natasha. Had dessert as we started in on watching “The Krays”


It was good to see it again.


Here are some photos I got during the week.

One Phil sent me when I was finishing the Woodland Marathon

Donal Woodland

One Julie texted me


and one I took downstairs before I demoed the cabinets. The dates when Ciara and Realta got their periods.