Woke up grand enough
Headed on over to me job for a while. Then headed on over to Brezza to do an investigation. After I did the opening there I headed back to Bartells to do a demobe of our stuff and brought it back to the shop.

Went to Home Depot and bought a load of trim and doors for the hallway. Came home and worked in the hall remodel for a while. I removed the last of the mahogany trim that was installed in the house back in 1954. This marked a moment of thought for me. The hall remodel looks great already and so different.

Before dinner I headed on out for a wee run. Ran up and around the Maple Leaf Park a couple of times and then back home after a three mile run.

Home for dinner and dessert.

Today is the Realta’s birthday.

We watched the Avengers movie.


Fell asleep watching it.