Woke up tired.

Passed away the morning and then headed over to Kirkland. The traffic was terrible due to the rain and wind storms we were having. Got to Brezza. Met with Tim and we went to work in Rich and Pat’s unit.

I built my plastic tent and created my bubble. Then I started removing as much wet drywall as I could until I got close to the dry areas. The power went out in the building so it took me a lot of time carrying all the garbage and tools back down to me truck.

It was a long day for me. I went home up around the lake. At home I went down and started taping the hallway.

Natasha came home and I made the dinner. We headed on down town after that. Went  and parked at Pacific Place. Went to Starbucks for the vente Christmas drinks. Then stood in line to go to the theatre there.

We had passes to see the screening of “Brooklyn”


I must say this film is so well written and made. I could relate to it all the way to the end and I loved the final decision of the Saoirse at the end. Shows the real Ireland.

Met Noreen on the way out and chatted to her for a wee bit along with another Irish couple.

Home and now a nap